Shop And Win While You Play



Shop And Win While You Play


This game has tied up with many leading brands in the fashion industry. As a result you can select from the real time brands and dress up your model and present her to the world. There are filters to help you narrow down your search and help you choose the clothes you are looking for.




Moving away from the stereo type mindset that a model is perfect only if she is thin, has an hour glass figure and is tall with long legs, the developers of this game have come up with models of different shapes and sizes. No matter what size or shape your model is in, you can select clothes from the top most brands or even your favorite brands from real life. The clothes are available in different sizes, just like in a real time store.




If you are in the mood to style your model in a particular way or have entered into one of those contests that are conducted from time to time, you need clothes of a particular kind. Since it will be difficult to browse through the huge collection, you can use the filters and select what you are looking for.




Once you are done styling, post the final result and wait for rest of the community to vote. If you get the maximum number of votes and win the round, you win the outfit. Every time you get more than 4 stars, you win an item.


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