Aluminium greenhouse frame parts



Aluminium greenhouse frame parts


There are a range of reasons why customers choose aluminium greenhouses ahead of wood and other options. Here are some of the benefits to choosing aluminium:


• Cost effective


Aluminium greenhouses provide a cheaper alternative than wooden greenhouses - it has been suggested that they are up to a third cheaper! Not only is the initial cost of purchase cheaper, long-term it can provide other financial savings.


• Easy to assemble


Although many of our aluminium greenhouses come with the offer of free installation, it is relatively easy to assemble aluminium greenhouses from scratch. Although it depends on the size and base of your aluminium greenhouse, some of our previous customers have reported that they have assembled aluminium greenhouses comfortably within a day.


• Robust and lightweight


Aluminium is a great material to use for greenhouses, because it is a strong metal. Your greenhouse will survive during more challenging weather conditions, and – in combination with some well-engineered windows – you can enjoy using your aluminium greenhouse without the worry of structural damage. Despite aluminium being strong, it is still lightweight which means that handling and assembling the aluminium frames will not cause you any hassle.


• Durable


Aluminium is extremely durable – it doesn’t rust, rot or warp and it is non-toxic. This keeps maintenance costs to a minimum and guarantees that your aluminium greenhouse will look great even after a long time. That said, durability can still be improved by applying powder coat or paint to the aluminium structure.


• Customise easily


Aluminium is easy to drill in to, meaning that it is easy to install shelves, hooks and any other accessories required. As we have already mentioned, the brands we work with have a wide range of accessories available, making it easier for you to find products that suit your needs.


• Maximum light exposure


Aluminium frames are thin; this means that any light entering your greenhouse is not blocked by a thick frame (more likely with a wooden frame). Maximum sunlight means greater exposure for your plants, allowing them to grow quickly and healthily.


• Aesthetically pleasing


Aluminium greenhouses are nice to look at. As they have thin frames, you get a good view of the plants being grown and the greenhouse often comes with a green powder coat which makes the greenhouse look natural. Aluminium greenhouses often come in a range of colours so find one to suit your tastes!


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Our wide selection of aluminium greenhouses helps you to find the perfect greenhouse, regardless of your budget and requirements. If we were forced to choose one brand specifically to recommend, we would probably go for the Vitavia range due to their exceptional quality and finish. We believe, however, that there is no one greenhouse to suit everyone and if you are unsure, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today and one of our experts (who have over 15 years of experience) will be happy to offer you friendly and honest advice.


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