Subscription Box Service Stands Out for Being First Ever to Offer Monthly iPhone Cases

Casely’s unique subscription box model comes at a time when smartphones, particularly iPhones, are just as much a fashion accessory and fashion statement, as they are personal computing devices. In turn, the desire for users to personalize their phones—to make it their own—is the primary reason behind the phone case trend, a multimillion dollar industry powered by makers of smartphone cases, stickers or decals, and much more. In fact, a Google search for the “best iPhone case’ generates hundreds of pages from different phone case makers claiming to have “durable,” “shatterproof,” and “drop-rated” cases among many others.




What Casely offers is something a little different, combining the need for phone protection with the often-ignored desire for customization. By offering subscribers new cases every month or so, Casely hopes to offer durable and cute iPhone cases, giving their customers the best of both worlds.


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