Just Get Her Covered – Get The Princess Bed

If there's one design aspect that makes a little girl just feel most just like a princess, it is a princess bed. Kids princess canopy beds evoke romantic storybook images of a life lived ever after.

Canopy Beds Have a Royal Heritage

Cover beds are rightly linked with princesses and different royalty, as canopy beds have their origins in historic castles as a way of managing the unwieldy drafts these palaces produced. In the wintertime beds in the fortress were draped with heavy curtains to help add warmness. In the course of the summer months, the thick material was replaced by tinny netting used to keep mosquitoes and different bugs and pests out.

Both defensive, comfort-generating features of the princess canopy bed in these medieval instances were luxuries that solely the elite may afford. That tradition of draping canopies over beds was then carried on from there into cutting-edge mansions and estates where individuals sought to reside in perceived luxury, whether or not they required the additional draft safety, warmness, or pest prevention, or not.


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